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Game: Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Nintendo of Japan release date: 21 November 2003
Nintendo (abroad) release date: 17/19 March 2003
Players: 1 (battle up to 4)

The two newest games to add to your Pokémon collection--Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. These are also the first Pokémon games for the GBA. Your quest to be a Pokémon Master continues! Like Crystal, you can choose to be a male trainer, or female trainer. Yuuki and Haruka are ready for the journey, are you?

The journey begins in Houen, where you will choose one of three beginning Pokémon to save Professor Birch from some wild attacking Pokémon. Choose one of Treeko, a grass type; Mudkip, a water type; or Torchic, a fire type as your partner Pokémon.

This is the typical Pokémon RPG, where trainers battle others, gym leaders for badges, and saving a region from the likes of Team Rocket members. This time though, its Team Magma (Ruby) or Team Aqua (Sapphire) that is causing the trouble. Your goal is still to beat the Elite Four, and become a Master!
These two games have many new features including: 135 new Pokémon...realistic graphics and enviornments, contests, new Pokémon moves and abilities, contests, 2 on 2 battles, berries, and more!

2-on-2 battles

Two on two battles occur when you battle another trainer in the game. You each use two of you best Pokémon, instead of the usual one. You pick attacks as usual, and also pick which of the opponent's Pokémon you will hit with the attack. Each Pokémon takes a turn attacking. Some moves will hit both Pokémon. Another way two-on-two battling comes into play, is when you team up with three other trainers and link the Game Boy Advances together. This is the best way to fully enjoy the experience!


Choose your most prized Pokémon to compete in a competition against other trainers. However, this isn't a fighting competition--but one based on coolness, beauty, cuteness, smartness, and toughness! Each of the five contests has four ranks--Normal, Super, Hyper, and Master--that you must master in order to become the winner.

The Pokémon competes using its own moves. Before you can enter a Pokémon in a competition though, you need to create PokéBlocks, which will increase the conditions of your Pokémon.

Multi Player

The battle modes in the game, including linking together Game Boy Advance paks with the Game Link Cables:

Single Battle: the traditional and most familiar battle style used in previous games, where two trainers battle with one Pokémon each within a round

Multi Player (2-on-2 Battles): A few battles in the game occur as two-on-two battles, where each trainer battles with two Pokémon per round

Link Battle: Trainers team up two a team, and up to three Pokémon apiece; each team has up to six Pokémon

Also, the regular Pokédex has been replaced by the versatile Poké Navi (Pokémon Navigator). This advanced electronic device includes a map, your win/loss record, as well as keeping up with the Pokémon count on how many you've encountered, caught, and seen.

There are many other great features to this game, which makes for a great item to purchase and add to your Pokémon collection! The game is really addictive with so much to do and accomplish. Not much could top this game at this time! You've got to get Ruby and Sapphire for the GBA! No Master trainer could be without it! ^._.^

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Advance


Disclaimer: Pokémon,Pocket Monsters,all characters,games,other merchandise and all likenesses are copyright by Satoshi Tajiri,GAME FREAK inc.,Creatures inc., Nintendo of America, and others.